characteristics of people who love you:

1. Someone who loves you has never been able to give you a reason why she loves. All he knew in your heart and your eyes there’s only one.

2. Although you already have a special friend or lover, she does not care! Important for him you happy and you remain a dream.

3. People who love you always accept what you are, at heart and you always be the prettiest eyes even though you may feel you’ve added weight.

4. Someone who loves you always wanted to know about you, whatever you go through all day, she wants to know you activity.

5. People who love you will send an SMS like ‘good morning’, ‘have fun’, ‘good night’, ‘take care’, etc., although you do not reply to SMS her, because with SMS delivery, he declared his love, expressed in different ways, not the “I LOVE you.”

6. If you celebrate the new year and you’re not invited to the party you throw, at least he’ll call to congratulate or send SMS.

7. People who love you will always remember every incident that he spent with you, maybe even your own events that have forgotten, because those moments are precious moment for him. and at that moment, her eyes would look in the mirror. because being with you does not always happen.

8. People who love you always remember every word you say, maybe even the words that you never forget to express yourself. because he was pinned in his words, how many words full of hope that you Tell the him, and eventually you destroy? surely you’ve forgotten, but not the one who loves you.

9. Someone who loves you will learn to like your favorite songs, maybe even borrow the CD’s you, because he wanted to know what your passion – your favorite favorite too, although difficult to idolize your favorite, but finally he could.

10. If the last time you met, you’re probably sick, she would sentiasa send SMS or call to ask you state – because he was worried about you, you care about.

11. If you said it would face the test, he will be asked when the exam took place, and when morning came he would send an SMS ‘good luck’ to give encouragement to you.

12. People who love you will give a possession that might make you it is something ordinary, but her stuff is very special.

13. People who love you will be quiet for a moment, when you’re talking on the phone with you, so you become confused. Actually at that time he felt very nervous because you have been thrilling world.

14. Someone who loves you always wanted to be near you and want to spend his days only by you.

15. If at any point you have to move to another area, he will always give advice in order that you be alert to the environment that may be a bad influence on you. and deep in his heart he’s really afraid of losing you, never heard of ‘deep in your eyes, close to the heart? ”

16. People who love you acted more like brothers than like a lover.

17. People who love you often do things that make bad mood, like 100 times a day you telephoned. Or surprise you in the middle of the night by sending SMS. Actually when he was thinking about you.

18. People who love you miss you sometimes and do things that make you dizzy. But when you say his actions make you annoyed he would apologize and would never do it again.

19. If you ask him to teach you something then he’ll teach you to be patient even though you may be the stupidest person in the world!. in fact she was so excited because it can help you. he never dodged difficult to meet demand despite whatever you request.

20. If you look at his cell phone then your name will adorn most of his INBOX. He still had text messages from you even though you tell him for months or years ago. He also keeps the letters you special place and all of you to be valuable objects for him.

21. And if you try to distance themselves from him or refused to respond, he will realize it and disappear from your life, even if it kills him.

22. If at any time you miss her and want to give him a chance he will be there waiting for you because he never actually find someone else. He sentiasa wait for you.

23. People who once loved you, never force you to give cause and reason, even though his heart struggled to know, because he does not want you burdened by it. when you begged her go, she went without blame you, because he really understands what love is.


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