food and danger that will arise

Living creatures surely need food. Of course the food nutritious and healthy. Living creatures need food to have energy. For food that is consumed must contain enough nutrients needed by the body. This condition is very important to the function body organs running well. Gynecology gizinya also be appropriate, may not be less or more.

We know many sources of food that are sold to the consumer. Food is usually prepared with a quick food. However, food is less healthy it can be said. Name only fast food, so the food is certainly possible that the bacteria in food has not been entirely lost due to processes that are not perfect. For example, the oil used to fry foods. Many traders do not change the oil to fry with the new oil. So there are indications of oil are not suitable for consumption or used again.

The consumers choose fast food because the food they want quickly filling their stomach. In addition they will also be pursued so that later they do not reflect the risk akan dialaminya. Risks that may appear several months or years later.

Not a few of them also prefer to cook their own rather than buy. They thought that their own cooking more fun. Because the sense that we want to we can get it yourself than it is healthy. There is also the thought that the purchase of food fast food is too long considering padatnya this town so take a relatively long time to go to the place of their own cooking.

Terms of healthy food is when food is hygienic, nutritious, and the street.

Food hygiene is a food that does not contain disease germs and substances that can endanger health.

Foods that are nutritious foods that contain enough carbohydrate, fat, protein, and vitamins in the number of appropriate balance needs.

Bekecukupan food is food that can meet the needs of the body at a certain age and condition. For example in the nutrition needs of infants, adolescents, adults, and parents differ. Food also needs a different athlete with the people who work in the office even though the same age.

In addition to fulfilling these basic persyratan, also need to be ways to cook food. The temperature at the time food is served, and food is easily digested.

How disappointed we are when food is mixed with chemical substances that are dangerous to our soul. So it appears the impact of various diseases when we consume food is. The disease does not appear to be directly telihat indikasinya, but will appear a few months or several years later so that our lives berpacu with the time to eliminate the disease from our bodies.

The manufacturer usually gives the prankish chemical substances with the reason that so that the consumer tertari with food that they offer. Usually, they fascinate with color.

Manufacturers use a bait with a color dye-dye which is used to color clothes. Dyes that are sold freely in the market and prices are relatively cheap compared with the food coloring in general. Dye clothing materials, if mixed with food will change the color so that makes us (the consumers) are more interested with the food offered. Coloring material is very dangerous. If we do not intentionally consume food (which has been given a coloring textiles) in the amount or a large dose, then we can have even poisoned the soul we can grasp.

There is also a bit of the manufacturer or merchant to provide the food preservative is harmful for our bodies. They (producers or traders) usually give the preservative is usually given to dead bodies dead bodies so that durable and not destroyed until the time consumed for many years. Yes, the usual preservative called formalin. But for those of you (people that are still common) do not assume that consume food digestion is to create channels to our lasting many years. No, it’s not true. Substances contained in the preservative substances are not needed by the body even alimentary tract we will assume it is a toxic substance that our bodies mebahayakan. In a long period of time, we will contract a disease that death caused by these foods. Try to think of us, whether you would like considered as ghastly corpses using preservative that? Or, eat the corpse because of the common substances used to dead bodies?

Substances are also classified as easily searchable on the substance of the preservative, in general, such as natrium benzoate that we know more. Formalin prices far cheaper than with natrium benzoate. Natrium benzoate usually used for large manufacturers in the industry. While the formalin used in the industry. Formalin more dangerous than natrium benzoate.

Traders or small industrial producers choose substance because cheaper and more easily searchable. They can get oxygen from the chemist with a reason to preserve their pets are dead, not a few of them are also working with the pharmacy to make it easier to get the substance because the substance can be a more membwa advantage. This makes the producers prefer to use of formalin in the natrium benzoate.

When the two substances in foods that are mixed over earlier, can not be thought again what will happen to us later. After all, we’re not hard to get foods that contain substances that are mixed with the food and sold in the market. For example only the usual snacks sold disekolah-school, eg only meatball. In the meat meatball that is usually given a durable food preservative, not to mention when there is added with boron. Not with saos that is added to the food. Saos usually use a dangerous dye for our bodies.

Would that when we use a better way to feed it. For example, the natural food coloring. Natural food coloring agent can be taken with the use of part of the plant. For example turmeric. Turmeric is often used for food coloring so that the visible yellow or orange. Food that has been mixed much better than using chemical substances. Because they do not cause side effects.

To preserve the food we can do with the drying, freezing, and iradiasi. Destination mengahmbat the preservation or avoidance of damage to food, to maintain quality of materials, avoiding the occurrence of virulence (except with dangerous substances) and ease of handling and storage. Food that has lasting value is higher because of the occurrence of the damage may be.

Drying aims to eliminate or water down the measure more precisely the water. Food that still have the womb dry iar approximately 2-5% water. With dry, the microbes, such as fungi and bacteria can not survive. Way as this is a very simple way.

Freezing aims to prevent the growth of microbes, because microbes can not survive at a temperature below zero. Usually done to freeze the fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables. We also need to know about food that is opened and then closed the meeting outside the refrigerator, we should direct store food in the refrigerator is because it has tercemar with the outside air.

The use of radiotherapy aims to reduce the radiation damage and contamination of food, and killing mikrobra and organsime other diseases that cause the food involved.

Type of radiation that can be used for the preservation of food is elektromagnetik radiation, the radiation that produces photons, so enjoy a high berenergi cause ionization and eksitasi on the material that dilaluinya. Type of radiation is called radiation pengion. Example pengion radiation is radiation particles          elektromagnetik and waves.

However, technology, food preservation with radiation is not without problems. Permasalahn caused concern in the health food that is diiradiasi:

a. Chemical changes due to radiation resulted in a decrease in nutritional value of food, which changes the composition of protein, vitamins, and others.
b. Diradiasi microbes that are resistant or mutation. Resistance against various types of microorganisms radiation sequentially as follows: spore bacteria> leavened> kapang> gram-positive bacteria> gram negative bacteria. Gram negative bacteria appeared most sensitive to radiation. Therefore, to push the process of food contamination caused by gram negative bacteria can be used iradiasi low doses.
c. Iradiasi on a food that contains water molecules, causing ionization of water molecules form a hydrogen radical and hidroksil. Hydrogen radicals and the chemical known hidroksil very reactive and can act as oxygen pereduksi or pengoksidasi.

So that the last type of preservation is rarely used because this need not cost a bit. Well now live that determines our own food for our bodies.


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